Seismic and structural monitoring in Turin: nowtice and IoT

Use case: seismic and structural monitoring in Turin

Comune di Torino
nowtice protects the population and the territory even in the absence of an operator, thanks to its integration capabilities with IoT systems and sensors. This is what happened in Turin (Italy) as part of the Torino City Lab initiative, where nowtice is part of a seismic and structural monitoring network deployed on five sites of great public interest, such as the Mole Antonelliana (symbolic landmark of the city), Police headquarters and schools.

The ”Sentinella” project

nowtice - Sentinella

The name of the Turin smart city initiative is Sentinella, which is the Italian word for “Sentinel”. The project aims to test the platform for seismic and structural monitoring and to monitor the state of health of some public buildings in the city, including the symbolic landmark of Turin.

nowtice’s role in the Sentinel project is to send immediate alerts that are activated by structural sensors based on configurable risk thresholds. Communications can be addressed to technical personnel or directly to the population, depending on the type of situation detected.

The location involved are the Mole Antonelliana, the “Guido Gozzano” elementary school building, the Monumental Swimming Pool, the “Le Cupole” sports facility, the Municipal Police Headquarters, and the Offices of the Public Works Department.
The Turin experience is a concrete example of the use of nowtice in risk mitigation in the urban environment.

Benefits of nowtice in sensor-based systems

Mole Antonelliana

Structural monitoring is entrusted to Nowtech NT RSS_1 detection stations, capable of detecting and interpreting structural perturbations and distinguishing phenomena due to external interference (such as traffic and construction works) from real signs of structural failure. In the case of earthquakes, sensors are also able to detect incoming tremors before their destructive effects occur. The sensors combined with the nowtice alert system thus make it possible to send timely alerts in the event of a risk of collapse in the building.

nowtice is not limited to sending messages and communications but, more generally, can in turn activate additional emergency devices. In this way, the software platform becomes the logistical heart of a defence and protection network for people and structures, based on the Internet of Things and on remote actuators.

For example, if a risk of collapse is detected, nowtice can immediately activate an audible alarm (sirens) or turn on traffic lights capable of blocking the traffic of vehicles and people. In the case of earthquakes, thanks to the detection of the first seismic waves in fractions of a second, nowtice can operate industrial switches for closing gas pipes and the like.