nowtice and tourism, the case of the City of Loreto (Italy)

Customer Perspective: the Municipality of Loreto, Italy


It is an interesting project for a double perspective, because it keeps Loreto citizens closer to the initiatives for their safety, and because it provides certainties regarding any emergencies to the numerous pilgrims and tourists we host in our city.

Moreno Pieroni, Mayor of the Municipality of Loreto.

The importance of digital platforms in touristic municipalities

Loreto Protezione civile

The Municipality of Loreto is a Municipality that is attentive to changes, which strongly believes in technology, especially when it is applied to the emergency and to the Civil Protection. The emergency is not just rescue, and it must be based on a communication that is not just the transfer of information, but the expression of precise coordination

Daniela Romanini, Councillor for Technological Innovation.

In territories characterized by massive tourist flows, such as pilgrimage destinations – but this is also the case in ski areas and seaside resorts – the communication software must correspond appropriately to the organization of the chain of command for both emergency situations and for ordinary activities of an informative nature.

With the experimentation started in Loreto, nowtice expresses all its flexibility of use, thanks to the interface that can send to citizens and tourists, in just a few clicks, bulletins and information even through predefined templates.

Loreto Protezione Civile

With nowtice we have more potential than we already had. In addition to the voice call, with a simple action we can interact with multiple systems, with social networks and with our Telegram platform and with the institutional website of the Municipality, which are very popular. From the very first use it emerged that we were reaching many more people than we expected

Andrea Catalani, Technical Coordinator of Civil Protection.

Protezione Civile Loreto

The number of channels supported by nowtice multiplies the number of people that can be reached and is crucial for contacting hundreds of miles of recipients, including citizens and tourist guests, in a convenient and effective way.

We mainly use this system in major events, as well as in situations of ordinary criticality. The Municipality of Loreto has always been the centre of particular events, from the visits of the Popes to those of the President of the Italian Republic, and sometimes there were even 500,000 people in a single valley, compared to a Municipality of 12 thousand inhabitants

Andrea Catalani, Technical Coordinator of Civil Protection.

Coordination between Associations, Bodies and Structures

The Civil Protection of the Municipality of Loreto is characterized by a great operational autonomy, thanks to the relationship of synergy and trust between technicians and local administration. This allows them to act quickly and thus make the most of the reactivity qualities of a digital alert platform.

In Loreto, nowtice can also express its enormous potential in communication between organizations and structures that collaborate in the management of crisis events. Again, numbers can grow rapidly and the logic of escalation and customization of the communication flows of the platform become crucial.

Loreto Protezone Civile
Protezione Civile

We are a Municipal group headed by the Mayor, about 50 volunteers, and besides us there is a local committee of the Italian Red Cross, with as many people, but in case of need we generally have the support of our Provincial Referents and the Regional Department. Loreto, due to its Peculiarity, very frequently hosts events of significant local impact.

Andrea Catalani, Technical Coordinator of Civil Protection

Here there is also an active collaboration between the Municipality and the Italian Air Force, with the local training facility (Centro di Formazione Aviation English). Thanks to this synergy, in case of need, the Municipality and the Civil Protection system may eventually have, after consulting the institutional leaders, the support of structures and personnel of the Air Force, which is itself part of the C.O.C.

In a scenario of major events or an emergency, all functions existing in the Municipal Operations Centre must work together. One of the most important factors for overcoming the emergency is communication.

Andrea Catalani, Technical Coordinator of Civil Protection.