Between volcanoes, risk bulletins and holidays: the example of Florence, Apulia and Sicily

Between volcanoes, risk bulletins and holidays: the example of Florence, Apulia and Sicily

Major government agencies have important responsibilities both in terms of the size of the territory they manage and the scale of the issues they have to deal with. But what does Etna’s eruptions have to do with New Year’s Eve? the example of Florence, Apulia and Sicily.

The issue

Public authority communication has two goals: to reach citizens effectively and to transfer information correctly both within the organisation and towards other agencies.
In both cases, IT tools are used to achieve the goal and keep track of activities, as authorities are also responsible for certifying the fulfilment of their tasks.

But just how are ordinary communications and the management of major crisis scenarios, such as a volcanic eruption, addressed in practice?

The solution

The Municipality of Florence and the Regions of Sicily and Apulia use the same software platform, but in different ways and for different scenarios.

Their example best represents the versatility of nowtice when it comes to addressing both citizens and other institutions.


Florence: a digital platform in the midst of history


The Municipality of Florence has adopted nowtice to communicate with the large population who experience the city for residence or touristic appeal.

The platform is used by both Civil Protection bodies and municipal departments, covering ordinary messages and crisis situations. For example, the same tool was used to warn of the risk of flooding in November 2023 and, less than two months later, to provide recommendations on using fireworks during New Year’s Eve.

For a large municipality, with a considerable number of assignments and staff, it is crucial to train operators on a single platform that can be used for all types of events.


Apulia: the organisation of alerts on the territory


In Apulia, nowtice has modernised and strengthened the extensive communication between authorities. The Region dispatches daily bulletins that reach even those bodies that rely on traditional technologies such as faxes.

Municipalities, Local Health Authorities, 118 Control Rooms and Regional Departments receive constant communications on critical weather and hydro-geological conditions.
And the configurable distribution lists guarantee targeted delivery to the most appropriate bodies.


Sicily: Mount Etna and tsunami warnings


Sicily has a unique charm, but is subject to significant environmental risks. Etna’s incessant activity requires continuous alert bulletins from the region’s Civil Protection Department. In addition, the threat of tsunamis and the surveillance of dams imply regular communications to hundreds of recipient offices.

nowtice acts as a dissemination centre for bulletins and announcements from the Region to local authorities such as municipalities and 118 Control Rooms. Even when the target audience is not citizens, experimenting with this type of communication is crucial for everyday public safety.