Partner Program

Save lives and protect industries with our partner program!

A mass notification platform can be a key factor in ensuring the safety of people and the business continuity in many industries. Our market ranges from healthcare and clinical response to government communication and includes manufacturing, utilities, transports and… your own industry!


5 reasons to become a nowtice partner


20+ years

We offer our partners a leading technology in alerting and our 20+ years experience in public safety and emergency management. Unlike some young players on the market, our alert solution is based on a deep knowledge of crisis management and technology sectors in emergency scenarios.

A practical, scalable
and flexible technology

Our mass notification software is a customizable and flexible platform capable to serve both small businesses (such as municipalities and small manufacturing companies) and large industries, such as logistics and national emergency services. We do not impose a pre-packaged alerting model, we offer first-rate technology instead, to implement our customers’ own workflow.

A highly specialized
and competent team

We operate as technology suppliers capable of satisfy the standards of excellence set by our customers’ markets, as we offer a highly-skilled team and an extraordinary problem solving ability. Our DNA as innovators drives us constantly towards pefectly tailored solutions.

Value-add and a
trustworthy partnership

We are weel known to be collaborative, flexible technical experts. We are proud on belonging to the best part of Italy, the one that made our nation famous for the ability to invent, for the sartorial quality of its excellence, for its propensity to dialogue and exchange of experiences.

and transfer of skill

We always design starting from pre-existing business processes and we are well-known for the quality of our User Centered Design. We are not limited to creating solutions, but take care to make our customers and their operators able to make use of new tools effectively.

Technology partners

nowtice alerting platform can be integrated with sensors, automated systems, communication platforms and any device or software that can be activated or can react to critical events and incidents.
We are eager to learn about your technology and to design with you the next generation of communication and alerting systems!