Employee communication

and Safety

Protect workforce and operations with an effective notification software

People and operations are the most valuable assets of any business. Factories, airports, distribution chains, IT companies, hospitals and construction sites are all areas where business continuity and personnel safety are paramount.

A notification system such as nowtice can drastically reduce the impact and costs in case of dangerous events, accidents and unforeseen situations. On these occasions, you can quickly reach your employees and provide them with precise instructions, enriched with attachments, maps and evacuation plans.

Emergency alerting and ordinary communication for the Industry

Our clients use the nowtice notification system to update their teams daily and send constant updates on the progress of activities. The two-way ensures timely feedback, which can also be achieved through closed-ended surveys.
Lonely workers can be reached in real time wherever they are, thanks to the amount of communication channels supported and push notifications on smartphones

Employee Communication

Communicating with the right people at the right time is the solution to establish situational awareness during unexpected events in the work process and also during drills. This becomes essential in the case of a traveling workforce, where reaching everyone, always, everywhere is the key to overcome critical events.


Two-way communication

Send instructions, attachments and information to your employees and ask for feedback through polls and surveys. You can program closed-ended schemes to get answers from traveling workers.

Two-way communication

Automatic alerts triggeredby alarms and sensors

The notification platform can send automatic alerts that are triggered by alarms or device sensors. There is no limit to the integration possibilities, ranging from fire sensors to blast furnace control systems, through remote surveillance and environmental monitoring.

Automatic alerts triggered by alarms and sensors

Instructions and action plans

You can send attachments of any type to all recipients, including room maps, device operating diagrams and voice instructions. You can classify messages to send specific documents to each department.

Instructions and action plans

Custom alerting templates

Define in advance warning templates and pre-built messages to be used in the most typical situations or in the event of a critical event. You can configure the type of communication, priorities and escalation criteria with the use of AND-OR-NOT logic.

Custom alerting templates

Alerting of medical teamsand rescue teams

Timely communication made possible by nowtice becomes an irreplaceable ally in the hospital and medical rescue sector. In hospitals, the notification system makes it possible to quickly gather medical teams and to pre-alert rescuers in case of emergency.

Alerting of medical teams and rescue teams

Ordinary communicationand crises management

With a single tool, you can manage daily communication and face crisis situations, including events of physical threat and attack. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, every notification can be delivered precisely and immediately.

Ordinary communication and crises management

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