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Effective Public Warning, beyond theory

With nowtice, the PWS starts where the information begins.

Use case: the Regional Seismic Network of Northwestern Italy (RSNI)

Use case: the Regional Seismic Network of Northwestern Italy (RSNI)

nowtice is the most focused emergency notification system for industry-targeted application, including employee communication, public mass alerting and workforce security

How to find the best communication and notification system

mass notification system

About the Mass Notification System

Using a professional communication system is the way that our customers prefer to send daily messages or alert notifications.

nowtice is used in industries such as healthcare, emergency response, manufacturing, utilities, transportations and government.

With the Notification System by nowtice you can send messages and attachments at the touch of a button, disseminating alerts through not only SMS, Phone Calls and Emails, but also by Web Pages, Social Networks and App Push Notifications.
All integrations are possible, including VMS (Variable Message Signs) and flashing warning signs.

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How nowtice helps

img keep resident and visitors informed

Keep Resident and Visitors informed

Ensure Workforce

Ensure Workforce security through effective warnings


Quickly alert Hospital Units and Clinics

Protect the Business Continuity

Protect the Business Continuity through rapidness


Make emergency plans work in case of Disaster

Respond rapidly to Operation Disruptions

Respond rapidly to Operation Disruptions


Send daily communications to citizens


Keep people up-to-date with questions and surveys

Partner program

nowtice offers business opportunities to partners and resellers around the world.


How it works

On any device, always updated

Thanks to the cloud technology, your mass notification system is always updated and requires no installation. You can send alerts wherever you are, even on smartphone

Define your own pre-defined communications

Design the notification plan you desire in advance, you can define communication channels, alerting patterns using boolean logic and role-based escalation

Click once, deliver everywhere

Your communication can be sent through any channel, there’s no technology limit for the alert system. Social networks, push notifications, speakers and warning signs are included


Design sensor-activated alerts and automated response

Mass notifications and public alerting during disasters and hazards (floods, fires, hurricanes) can be sent automatically by environmental sensors and gauges.

Two-way communication, including employees survey

Let your workforce contact you and provide effective ops response. With nowtice you can design your own surveys and feedback requests, using close-ended questions and more.

Notification results, insights and auditability

All notification results and crises related data are collected and can be easily accessed for post-event management. Realtime tracking of activities is securely stored.

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